Life is too short to stay stuck.

A Better Idea:

Let’s Have You Break Free!

I’m going to cut to the chase. Have you given your power away to your family, clients, fears, your desire to be “nice”, your old stories, and your past?

Let’s get your power back before you burn out, shall we?

Life is too short to stay stuck.

A Better Idea:

Let’s Have You Break Free!

I’m going to cut to the chase. Have you given your power away to your family, clients, fears, your desire to be “nice”, your old stories, and your past?

Let’s get your power back before you burn out, shall we?

Are you sick and tired of giving away your power?

Here’s how it might be showing up:

You feel dismissed or disrespected by your family. You struggle to be heard by them. You try to be the decision maker and you keep getting shot down.

Your clients either are not listening to you, not taking your advice, or simply not signing up to talk to you.

You keep hitting a financial ceiling. You’re invested in expensive coaching programs that you don’t feel are working to your benefit

The fear of failing your clients, failing your family, and failing yourself keeps creeping up on you. Your inner self never stops criticizing every little thing you do, even when you’re 100% positive it’s right.

You can’t help but want to be a people pleaser. You settle for less, personally and professionally, since you’re too busy with clients, family, or anyone and anything else.

You tiptoe around your big dreams. Shrinking and hiding deep down inside of yourself feeling like you’re missing something. You feel like you’re meant for something bigger.

You keep thinking “What will people think of me?”, “Who am I to be able to do this for people?”, and most importantly, “What if they don’t like me anymore?”

I’ll Show How to Get your Power Back!

“Taking back your power” looks a little different for everyone. Here are some examples from those I have coached:

“In the very first session with Tandy, I made my money back. It was that easy.”

—Michelle Anderson

She was running a business that used to take up all of her time. Now it only takes up 4 hours per week and she’s now making mutiple six figures

“Tandy is a great coach, but more than that, she is a bold and caring coach. Want change? Want the truth in your life? Want to grow? Tandy is your coach. She coached me as I was beginning my coaching practice. She had the ability to shine a light on truth and help me see opportunities within myself and around me. I appreciate Tandy and would highly recommend her.”

Alexia Zigoris
Executive Leadership Coach

For Mavis:

She gets to wake up and fall in love again and again with the catering business of her dreams!

“Tandy is an authentic, passionate person who has a rare gift of seeing others for who they truly are. Her coaching skills are brilliant. The results I’m experiencing in my life’s body of work go beyond words.”

Cindy D Rowland, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor, Assistant Vice President, NMLS ID 986310

Tandy has been a very inspiring coach. Her insights and clarity have provided a clear path for my personal and professional growth.

I would recommend Tandy when you’re ready to grow into your potential.

Julie Bennet

VP of Sales at Central Logic

Tandy’s approach is refreshing and innovative. She pushes you to be the best “you” possible and then holds you accountable. She has great business sense and is terrific at reading people and situations.

Nancy Aichholz

President/CEO of Aviatra Accelelerators

Who I Work With



Financial Advisors


I lead with my most powerful tool: Intuition

When I talk to you about coaching, we’re not just talking about one thing, it needs to be about your whole life transforming. My work changes you from the inside  out.

I meet you at the intersection of your life and work. They must be in balance to achieve what you desire.

If you don’t feel like you’re where you need to be, contact me!



In our initial phase, you’ll see where you are and why you’re stuck. You can’t step on the path to power until you claim exactly where you are, name what’s in your way, and get clear on exactly where you want to be.


Once you start to take action, you’re going to hit roadblocks. But they aren’t going to stop you anymore. Together we create action plans and an accountability structure that is designed to give you momentum towards your goals—no matter what comes up.


You have made it! Owning your power, speaking your truth, implementing boundaries, and  pushing through the old stories and persistent lack of results. You have arrived to success on your terms, peace of mind and skills that you can implement daily to keep it going.

You’ve done it once, and you can do it again!

What makes me so different from any other business coach?

I’ve been called a Tender Warrior. I’ve transformed my own life… overcoming my worthiness issues as a result of being adopted through the closed adoption system. I’ve had a near death experience, been divorced, dealt with financial recovery, and now breast cancer. So yeah… I’ve got your back when it comes to navigating life’s challenges.
Clients describe me as intutive, kind, present, loving, tough and caring. I do not mince words or waste time. I do not use a cookie cutter method. Every single one of my clients are individuals and they deserve to be treated that way. That’s why I personally tailor my coaching programs for each individual client, based on their needs.

I leverage a toolbox that includes 25 years of coaching, 100’s of modalities, and energetic principles that enable me to quickly get to the root of where you are holding back. I use this deep experience to create tangible, lasting change so that you’re operating from a foundation of joy, love and empowerment. 

In a nutshell: you’ll step forward into the life that you deserve.
I’m here to walk into the fire with you and help you walk out the other side.

How do you know if you’re ready?

Owning your power means doing something that most people will not do: being 100% responsible for yourself and results. Having faith that the reward of reaching the destination you desire is going to feel so much better than your old comfort zone.

Believe me, when you decide to change, some days are going to be magic and others are going to be molasses. The obstacles can feel enormous, but that’s not a place to give up—that is a place to get stronger. You deserve to own your power!

Take the first step and learn how to own your power!