Own your power.​ Have more impact.


How do you unleash your power…

So, you want to own your power, have a bigger impact in the world and create a business and life in which you thrive?

YOU WORK WITH A COACH who inspires you to be bold, honest and courageous as you leave behind your excuses and tolerations and move to your next level.

My coaching programs are for HIGH-ACHIEVING, PROMINENT LEADERS – from coaches and sales pros to entrepreneurs, healers and creatives – who are ready to blast through your own glass ceiling and crank up your results. You’re committed to your own transformation and understand that owning your true power is the key to growing to the next level of life, business and profit.

I will teach you the business, energy and mindset skills you need to  and BE more powerful in every aspect of your life.

I’m known for:

  • My supportive and very direct communication style.
  • My ability to see exactly what’s in the way (often before you do—things you’re not even aware are there.)
  • My keen intuition, and extensive background in energy and feng-shui principles that combine to help you create powerful spaces that massively support you to achieve your goals
  • My “Tandylicious” insights, wisdom and play.
  • My no-hold back style and (I’m told) my hilarious honesty and stories.

WHEN WE WORK TOGETHER I am not going to let you stay stuck and tolerating – I am going to help you get results.You’ll break through what has continued to stop you from getting what you want. And I will take a radical stand for YOU. I will teach you to speak your truth and own your power so you can make the money and live the life that’s waiting for you.

If you’re ready for your true transformation, here’s how you can work with me: