Here’s what some of my clients have shared about working together:

“Tandy’s coaching changed my life path. Best shift of my life and I’m forever grateful.”

Candace Sjogren

Head of Alternative Lending at Marqeta, Inc

Michelle Anderson

Nicole Wiedman

Patricia "Tricia" Reynolds

Rachel Rasmussen

Alexia Zigoris

Liz Kitchell

Tracy Lambriden

“Tandy’s approach is refreshing and innovative. She pushes you to be the best “you” possible and then holds you accountable. She has great business sense and is terrific at reading people and situations. 

Aviatra Accelerators’ participants have benefitted from Tandy’s coaching and have watched their growing businesses soar. Additionally, she has helped me personally with keeping all my “plates in the air” and  has helped to determine which plates just might be fun to watch drop and shatter!” 

Nancy Aichholz

President/CEO of Aviatra Accelelerators

Tandy has been a very inspiring coach. Her insights and clarity have provided a clear path for my personal and professional growth.

I would recommend Tandy when you’re ready to grow into your potential.

Julie Bennet

Director Channel Management at DrFirst, Inc.

“Her insights and clarity have provided a clear path for my personal and professional growth.”

Kate Hanley

Mind-Body Coach, msmindbody.com

“Tandy is an authentic, passionate person who has rare gift of seeing others for who they truly are. Her coaching skills are brilliant. The results I’m experiencing in my life’s body of work go beyond words.”

Cindy D Rowland, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor, Assistant Vice President, NMLS ID 986310

“Tandy has an incredible gift of seeing things in people that they may not always see themselves. Sometimes you need to get a little uncomfortable to make a big change. She helped me get out of my own way and was there to hold me accountable when I needed it. I have worked with Tandy now for 6 months and am here to say I am all in! My life has changed in ways I never thought possible.”

Lauren Early

“Coaching is never about telling people what to do: it’s about helping them find the perspective within themselves – and that’s exactly what Tandy did. If you do your part (i.e. show up and put the work in), and trust the answers you’re getting and the realizations you’re having, Tandy can help you make the shift you need – and, as she says: “Get out of your own way.” I highly recommend her.”

Judi Ketteler

Copywriter & Corporate Storyteller

“I’ve gotten more out of working with Tandy these past few months than working with a counselor for a year. Her approach is an effective, powerful blend of knowledge, experience, intuition, professionalism, and raw honesty. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a breakthrough.”

Tracy Lamriben

Lead Business Analyst, Fifth Third Bank

“I was invited to join Tandy‘s Mastermind group as I was figuring out how to transition in my career and launch a new business. The group Tandy brought together was an incredibly comfortable place to share my frustrations and fears, and celebrate my wins. I am grateful for Tandy‘s intuition in showing me how I was finding comfort in holding myself back in some critical moments. Her ability to genuinely reflect my experience and what I refused to see back to me helped me move past and heal some major resistances so I could open up new pathways for myself.”

Katie Kinnemeyer

White Paw Ventures

“I’ve had a career full of wonderful experiences and meaningful contribution. But with kids launched, I was eager to see what new and different opportunities I could create – ones I might never have imagined. I wanted to look back and say WOW what a year!I was ready to expand geographically, attract new clients for unexpected kinds of work, create positive women’s programming, and develop new consulting opportunities. Since working with Tandy, all of these intentions have come to pass. Tandy’s unique background as a successful entrepreneur, Feng Shui practitioner, and genuinely intuitive person make for an impressive set of tools to empower women. She is direct, insightful, and compassionate – yet will hold your feet to the fire. If you are a woman looking for a breakthrough in your personal and/or professional life, meet Tandy!”

Janet Hill

Owner/Executive Event Producer and Special Project Management, Hill Event Productions

“Originally I wasn’t sure what I would get from Tandy’s coaching, but as the weeks wore on, I realized the change I felt in myself after each coaching session. I felt calmer. I felt empowered. I felt ready to really get my business off the ground so I could do it full time. And not only did I feel ready: I was ready. With the help of Tandy’s keen insights and encouragement, I now run my catering company as my main business. I highly recommend Tandy Pryor Coaching to anyone looking to find his or her focus and feel empowered to live your life as you dream you can.”

Mavis Linnemann-Clark

Gourmet Chef and Founder, The Delish Dish and Made by Mavis