Share the Power!

In 2002, several months after 911 and my 40th birthday, I could not tolerate my life or marriage anymore. None of it was working. It was soul killing.

My marriage ended and my entrepreneurial journey continued… with a lot more urgency!

To say it was hard would be a gross understatement.

Looking back, it was hard to imagine that the hard times would ultimately be the gift that is part of what perfectly equips me for the work I do now. That and a lifetime of experiences and hard lessons learned from not owning my power.

I did it the hard way. That is why I am so passionate about reaching out and helping entrepreneurs get out of “tolerating” and “looking good” and into the reality of firing up empowered businesses and whole hearted lives. I’m meeting you at the intersection of your life and business, because if one is out of balance, the other is too.

Is it time to light up your own life?


Your voice.

Your ideas.

Your vision.

Your Inner Truth and Bad Assery… yea I said it.

Your fire and your spark are needed in the world.

Stop doubting and saying to yourself, “I’ll do it sometime.” “Sometime” never comes.

Stop tolerating situations, people, spaces, things, clutter, jobs, relationships, past mistakes.

It’s time.

Light it up and set those excuses and tolerations on fire.

Let me help you not do it the hard way.

Join me next Tuesday, November 20th at 7PM (Eastern Time) for the “Light It Up and Own My Power” Group Coaching Session.

I am making myself available for group coaching and discussion about what it looks like to take bold action and own your power from the inside out.

I hope you join me for this Fall Special offering, because you never know what will come up.

After all… who doesn’t love some fire? Especially in the fall.

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