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If you have stress or “fog” come up when you think or talk about your finances. You are not alone. There are a lot of Americans that are not very savvy with their financial education.

 And at no time since the beginning of time have we needed it more. Unless you have your ass, cattle, chickens, eggs, goats, solar panels and well on your yard in the cul-de sac, then you have to pay to live.

I am wondering, How is your relationship with money? Most people have a money story that comes from their childhood and it actually shapes their relationship with money for the rest of their lives. It could be fear of not having it or losing it. Or maybe that there is always enough, so keep spending and pay no mind to it. Perhaps you have a fantastic relationship with it? Yay you!

These stories can play out in your life like:

  • Not being clear with what you bring in and what is going out..so keep charging!
  • Or do you ignore your debt and keep earning, not sure if it evens out?
  • Do you stay in the fog and fear of your real numbers?
  • Do you consistently underearn?
  • Are you waiting to win the lottery or be rescued by the hot guy/gal?
  • Do you own your value when you charge for your services?

Whatever your story is, it doesn’t have to stop you anymore.

If you are consistently dealing with shame, fear, lack or fog. It’s time to get busy and do the inner work that will unhook these old stories and persistent ways of being.

Let’s begin with these 3 steps: 

1) Take a minute and identify the top story (or stories) of your childhood that shaped your relationship with money? Take a few minutes and write it down.

2) Get a plan. Immerse yourself in the financial education world. There are many coaches, teachers, books and apps to help you. Choose one and take 100% responsibility for turning your financial life around.

3)  Be willing to face the fear. Look at your numbers and budgets daily. Unfortunately, the only way to deal with the pain it is to go through it, not around it. The inner voice that keeps you stuck is wired to avoid pain. Fear allows you to stay safe and not be vulnerable…AND the cycle of fear and avoidance starts up again. Push through the fear over and over until you are no longer afraid of it.

It is never too late to turn this around. You are 100% capable of turning your situation around right now! 


To your empowered financial life!


 All my best,


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