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The month of June was one of the rainiest months on record.  I encouraged my clients to use the rainy days to dive into the clutter in their homes and offices. 

Oh, the stories I have heard!

It is always a work in progress, and its also been a HUGE lesson in how clutter, memorabilia, and all those piles affect our ability to be fully in our power and to serve at our highest level. Each time they donate another box of kids’ toys or kitchen stuff they no longer use to Good Will, they create space for something new to come in.

As a result, I have heard the most amazing stories of checks coming in, increased sales(yes it happens all of the time), better relationships, clearer thinking and of course more ease in all of the day to day tasks.

Clutter refers not only to the piles, but also to all that “stuff” that is disorganized, tolerated, unfinished, unused, and unresolved. The art projects you started, the folders of ideas for articles you once wanted to write, paint for the spare room you’re going to redecorate… someday. Clutter’s also the items that have no designated place of their own—the things you move from here to there and back again. 

The thing is, clutter actually encourages procrastination. You know how you feel when you walk in a messy room and it’s easier to turn around than to deal with it? That’s because clutter creates feelings of stagnation and low energy in your homes, offices, minds, and even our bodies. 

And when that happens, it becomes very easy to keep procrastinating and putting off until tomorrow what could be done today. (And this means you’re putting off the dreams and goals that are REALLY important—it goes way beyond an untidy living room.)

 When we continually surround ourselves with clutter, with things that have negative memories, or objects that we don’t love or use, we’re caught in a perpetual power drain. It literally sucks!

By contrast, when we surround ourselves with things that we are love, are grateful for, and regularly use, they give off vibrant energy! 

And what happens when you are surrounded by such high energy?

You can own your power in every aspect of your life, and with that start moving forward on your goals and dreams with increased clarity, focus, and productivity.

Want to experience more Power, Clarity, and Focus right away? Take a look around you and clear out just one thing that you don’t love, use, or feel grateful for.  

When you start working in your physical space, that’s when your power is unlocked.

That’s why I always look first to the space when I begin working with a new client. You can’t go out and change the world if you can’t see your desk—or if your grown-up kids’ grade-school memorabilia is everywhere…

Stop letting the clutter keep you from all you are here to be.

In my coaching programs, we start right here—in your physical space—so you can quickly clear the way to more power… 

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