Virtual Powerhouse Bootcamp

Virtual Powerhouse Bootcamp HeaderIn this content-packed, hands-on, take-action virtual bootcamp, you’ll not only discover what’s really blocking you from what you want…

you’ll begin to implement tips and strategies to start moving beyond it!


Together, let’s make room for what you REALLY want to have in your life!


Tandy PryorI’m Tandy and I have been studying Mindset Feng Shui and how powerful recruiting your physical space can be in powerfully transforming your life and business. I’ve created a proven process that helps you discover and overcome all the barriers in the way of you living the life of your dreams.

I’ve also long held a vision of group of women working together in a single powerful, life-changing, hands-on day to clear what’s blocking with them and make space for what they really want to BE and to HAVE.

This is that day.


This is no run-of-the-mill teleseminar. I’m going to teach you some of the most powerful information and strategies I know, give you time to put it into practice, and then answer any questions you have. This is the way to make sure the information you’re receiving takes root in your life.


woman-energized-doorJust imagine…

  • walking into your home and/or office and feeling inspired, welcomed, and energized…
  • working with productivity and creativity in your serene home or office…
  • replacing that nagging old feeling (overwhelm, anxiety, money- or energy-scarcity) with the new feeling of peace, confidence and abundance…

In the 5-hour virtual bootcamp, you’ll learn how to harness the incredible power of your physical space to improve your business and personal life.


On the phone with Tandy, she helped me see how my space and my thought patterns were working to keep me stuck in a no-mans-land. I moved my office and re-arranged a few things in my home based on her advice, and wow, did it open up a whole new way of seeing and being for me. Now Im fully in my new reality, and it feels great. I love getting up and going to sit at my desk everyday, and I feel so inspired by my surroundings. To anyone whos feeling stuck, or sick of going with the flow, working with Tandy is a fun, effective, and insightful way to get going in the direction you truly want to go.

Kate Hanley, Mind-Body Coach – msmindbody.com


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 3 hours of group coaching sessions, including one-on-one hot seats with individualized focus.
  • 2 hours of implementation time with your own take-action steps that you’ll work on DURING the bootcamp (no excuses to not move forward!)
  • My 3 top ways to stop power leaks once and for all.
  • The #1 secret for making space for what you truly want to come into your life
  • Special focus on the 2 most important rooms in your home and/or office (they may surprise you)
  • BONUS: My top 3 wealth tips
  • Feelings of peace, serenity and inspiration
  • Private Facebook group to track your progress after our bootcamp


Listen, helping you clear what’s blocking you is what I do. And I can’t wait to show you how to break through what’s stopping you…so you can get out there and do what you’re meant to.



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