Share the Power!

We all have stories.

You know, like the one when I was 17 and jumped out of the window at the cotillion dance and took off with the boy I wasn’t supposed to date. My Mom may be shocked when she reads this. What can I say? He was cute, had a fast car and some beer.


And then there are our STORIES. 

The ones we tell ourselves when we start a new job, land a new contract,  relationship, or when we have sales conversations.

They usually sound like this:

  • I’m not smart enough.
  • Who do I think I am?
  • They are going to find out I’m a fraud.
  • They won’t like me.

You get the picture.

The stories we tell ourselves can have a huge impact on our quality of life. They can keep you playing small and not achieving, even if you keep

saying that you really want IT…whatever IT is.

I have seen this a lot. A client will say, “I want a 10k month” and it’s all good when they are planning, but when its time to take action or pick up the phone. They stop. 

They find excuses and life emergencies, kids or spouses act up. It all conspires to keep them safe and playing small.


The truth is, they may present as stories but they aren’t really.

 They are lies.

Lies that our subconscious makes up to trick us into staying safe and small. 

The cost is great because now more than ever the world needs YOU and your special talent out in the world. 

I wanted to share a couple of tips that you can do to help move past the “stuck” place that you may find yourself in.

1. I was taught by a mentor to STAND UP, CLAP YOUR HANDS, and demand that your subconscious STOP telling you lies.

2. I wish I could follow you around and see where you stop. Since I can’t, the next best thing to remember is that you have to take 100% responsibility for your actions and your results.

3. NOTHING works better than bravely stepping towards the thing that you are avoiding. 

Many people have been having great breakthroughs during our “Soul Sessions”.

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I would love to hear about one of the funny or poignant stories of your life AND if you are stuck in any of the “other” kind of stories!

Here’s to you owning your power!