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Do you use your kids?


I know that I did at times!

After 7 years of coaching,  I continue to hear and witness my clients “use’ their kids. 


Yes “USE” them.


As in…


You can’t get ahead because of your kids.


  •     Are you TOO busy you can’t do what needs to be done for your own success?
  •     Are they not launching? Are your kids in the  basement because you need to be needed?
  •     Do you use them to not go to things you don’t want to attend?    
  •     Are you overly involved and living your school years through them?
  •     Do you sweep in and “fix” what their problems instead of allowing your kids to do it?


ALL of this can affect your ability to show up in your life and business. 


DO a gut check and see if any of these apply.


IF it’s not your kids……


What is between you and what you want?


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