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I don’t know about you, but right now the whole world seems to have gone crazy.

Or as my Grandmother used to say, “Everything’s going to hell in a hand basket!”

The “P” word (polarizing politics)
Your Kids

I’m hearing a lot of this lately, and it comes out on the internet and in our business and personal conversations.

People are more scared and uncertain than I have ever seen.

You want more certainty. You want to control and create our perception of certainty.

No wonder so many people are having “control issues!”

Unfortunately, there’s no certainty… ever… no matter how hard we try to create it.

SO, what do you do when it feels like the world is crashing in all around you and the entire world?

Here are 5 things that you can do to lessen the grip of fear and uncertainty in our current world and re-connect with your deep inner power:

1) Control your thoughts – What you focus on expands! If you only think about what is wrong and what you don’t want, then that is what you will get more of. Limiting beliefs, poverty thinking and running the negative non-stop can make you crazy! Take control of your thoughts, think about beautiful things around you, your pets, your garden, etc. You are in charge of your thoughts.

2) Connect with Source – God/Goddess, Spirit… whatever word you use, connecting with source is a perfect way to gain peace and calm, even if you happen to be out of practice.

3) Clear out the clutter – Clean and rearrange your personal space and office. You CAN control that, and pure magic happens with this one. Your space is an outer reflection of what is going on inside of you.

4) Meditate – Going within is key to creating bliss. Every single one of us has the ability to find that peaceful place that 100% resides within us all. Get rid of distractions, turn off the phone and computer so you can reconnect to yourself and your true inner power and peace.

5) Gratitude – I personally LOVE this one. You can’t be scared and grateful at the same time. It’s impossible. Gratitude is the way out of any and all perils you’re feeling. The key to really embracing gratitude to heal is honing in on the FEELING around what you are grateful for. Feel your way out of the fear and anger.

Sometimes, it may feel like we are all going to “Hell in a Handbasket,” but if you give these 5 steps a try, I find that they almost always work and you can step out of that “basket” before it launches.

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