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In the summer of 1973, my 12 year old world was turned upside down.

My Mom and Dad moved us from the suburbs of Cincinnati to the family farm in Woodford County, Kentucky. My Dad had spent 25 years with the FBI, and since Nixon decided to make friends with the Russians, he was frustrated and ready to retire.

My Dad reinvented himself at the ripe old age of 50, and became a Kentucky Gentleman Farmer.

Yay for reinvention!

While the prospect of a farm life sounded fantastic (they promised me a horse), the reality was… I was in the middle of nowhere with NO ONE to hang out with but an ill mannered poorly trained horse. (Lesson 1: We learned to not buy a horse from a used horse salesman.)


The Ol’ Kentucky homestead

But they were determined to make it work and build a life in central Kentucky.

So, I had to suck it up and make it work too… and it eventually did.

I watched them go from suburban Cincinnati life to being in business for themselves. They made mistakes and worked hard.

My Dad went from a Government job to entrepreneur/business man. There was a lot to learn and a lot of difficult lessons (especially hiring help). There was fencing, cattle, barn repair, mowing, tractors, creeks to clean out, tobacco to lease, hay to bale… I could go on. Quite a far cry from Russian espionage.

Why am I writing this?

Because this entrepreneurial story was right under my nose.

After 7 years of my coaching business, I’ve heard over and over how important it is to throw out anything you knew before from the corporate/government world. And I actually watched it happen right in front of me at the tender age of twelve.

My point is my Dad did what a lot of people don’t ever do.

He went for what he wanted and created a life he loved.

Yes, there were all of the problems and the daily labor. There was also wonderful sunsets, the beauty and smell of the Kentucky bluegrass, close relationships, hard work, flowing creeks and some of the best lessons we all could have learned living close to the earth.

I miss that farm and I miss my Dad.

Go for your dreams, you get one chance.

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