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Lets connect 1:1 and talk about what is possible for you and your business, identify your strengths and blocks and get a bold plan to build your dream life.

This is for YOU if:

  • You are continually over promising and under delivering
  • You are ready to live a life of meaning and purpose.
  • You feel STUCK and TIRED.
  • You are tired of PROVING that you are enough.
  • You are ready to put some serious boundaries in place at home and work (you know they intersect!)
  • You always earn the same amount or “just enough”, you cannot move past the set point.
  • You are tired of living in fear, not prosperity.
  • You are ready to reclaim you power in every area of your life.

FA’s On Fire

FA’s On Fire is an open invitation to apply for a 30 minute, one-on-one coaching conversation with me.

This offer is exclusively for existing Financial Advisors and Entrepreneurs.

Find the clarity that you’ve been looking for.

Up your expectations of what is possible.

Let go of the story that you tell about yourself and create a new one.

This is where you decide that your life and your business can be more.
Let’s see what’s possible.

I started my coaching business over 7 years ago. Every step of the way I have been working to empower women in their lives and in their businesses, while making a living for myself and having the FREEDOM to own my own time.
Most of my clients have the same desires.
I have put in thousands of hours coaching financial advisors, entrepreneurs and sales professionals in all aspects of their life and business. I’ve compiled all of that knowledge and experience and created the Female Financial Advisor program for YOU – for the visionary professionals reading this who know they can have MORE.

Does this sound familiar?

“I grew up in a poor family, who do I think I am to be working with high net clients? They will find out I am a fraud.”
“I am running around like crazy taking care of clients,bosses, office demands, husbands, kids, parents?! Where do my needs fit in here? I am constantly over promising and under delivering.”
“I keep making around the same amount of money every year, I cant seem to get past a certain set point.”

These are all REAL, serious problems that I’ve heard straight from the Financial Advisors that I’ve worked with. The toll is immeasurable. It’s time to make a change!

There are a lot of Financial Advisors being sought out right now because of their expertise and professional representation of the industry. Here’s the truth: in order to make a great life as a Financial Advisor, you MUST master TWO crucial aspects:
1) You must be great at what you do
2) You must implement good boundaries
Let’s walk through a scenario where I can demonstrate the importance of these aspects:
Meet Ava, a successful Financial Planner at the top of her game in her company. Ava is receiving national recognition and people are seeking her expertise on a daily basis.
It’s clear to any outsider that Ava has proven that she is great at what she does.
Ava struggles with saying no. She doesn’t want to turn anyone down, so she doesn’t. She wakes up every day tired and stressed about her day. She her clients, husband, and kids pulling at her constantly! She is making money, she is clearly successful, yet her life is a out of control and its starting to affect her health and relationships.
Through her skill and hard work Ava has created a business and life that is greater than the “container” that she is right now. Boundaries are an important aspect of shifting back into alignment – a skill that I help many of my client’s accomplish.
This is not an uncommon story. We are all trying to grow your businesses, but what happens when they do grow and we lose our balance? In order to maintain a life with meaning and purpose we must learn to speak up for our needs and implement some serious boundaries in every day aspects of our lives. Making money isn’t enough. If balance is missing, we are in trouble!

Struggle and burnout are real.

I have 27 years of entrepreneurial, sales and business development experience along with laser intuition and a high energy presence. This is the foundation of my successful coaching business that is designed to serve women in every aspect of owning their power and building lives and the businesses of their dreams.
The clients that work with me call me straightforward and loving. I am direct and funny. I would love the opportunity to share my expertise and experience with you in helping you build what your heart desires (even if you have no idea what that is right now!)
Does that sound like something that you need?

Meet a few of the women I’ve worked with…

“Tandy’s coaching changed my life path. Best shift of my life and I’m forever grateful.”

Candace Sjogren

Head of Alternative Lending, Marqeta, Inc

“Tandy is an authentic, passionate person who has rare gift of seeing others for who they truly are. Her coaching skills are brilliant. The results I’m experiencing in my life’s body of work go beyond words.”

Cindy D Rowland, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor and Assistant Vice President, Merrill Lynch

My Mission:

…is to take my boldest step to be of service to Financial Advisors.

Everyone gets stuck. That is why I always have a coach to support and assist me to move forward. Getting stuck is a natural part of the process of expansion. That little voice, old belief system, decisions we have made about who we are and are not and what we are or are not good at, can all get in the way when you are called up to the next level of success.


This one-on-one coaching call is all about YOU. During our call we will talk about you, your business, your strengths and your pain points. Together we will come up with a plan that will help you create the life you’ve always wanted. I CAN’T WAIT to see what we can put in place!

My goal is to leave you with:

More energy and passion

Confirmation that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Boundaries that give you balance

Courage to reclaim your power


Let’s do this!

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