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Happy January!

Ah, isn’t it great to be back on your schedule after the holidays? Or, honestly, are you feeling a little out of sorts?

I’ve been talking with people since the first of the year and I’m hearing that a lot of you are feeling BOTH ways. Excited with a little funkiness added in. Woo! I hear ya!

Listen, I’m going to be straight with you…

I get that you have a big vision for your life and want to make every single minute count. And I get how committed you are to growing your business, taking care of your family, and making your mark in the world. But I also get that with all the distractions and noise, it gets overwhelming. I understand distractions. Hey, I am the poster child for distractions!

That’s why I’m upping my game in 2015 and heading off to my own VIP Day in North Carolina in a few weeks. I know that’s what it’s going to take.

And I want to help you up YOUR game.

Listen, you’ve got so much power, so much talent, and you’re SO close to your breakthrough… I want to help you clear the way for an amazing year ahead.

I am herby inviting you to join me and a handful of my favorite fabulous entrepreneurs for my first annual


I’m limiting this day to 5 attendees max…  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Receive tons of inspiration & ideas to start implementing right away.
  • Take a day just for you… to invest in your business and do some big-picturing visioning— to get up and away from your to-do list and all those resolutions stuck on the refrigerator.
  • Make great connections with some powerful, wonderful and fun women as you step into your amazing, productive and creative year.
  • And, most important, clear all that old, lingering crap out of the way as you claim exactly who you need to BE to do  everything you want to DO.

My intuition nudged me to create a super-cozy, luxurious, productive, fun day for just a few special people… a day that will propel you forward powerfully in 2015.

TOTAL COST for the day is just $598 with the option of 2 easy payments of $299. 

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Here’s where we’ll be meeting—the beautiful Clifton House in Cincinnati
And here’s what you’ll be doing in your One-of-a-Kind Group Clarity Day. You’ll…

  • Identify and move what’s blocking you for once and for all.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by the clutter of your home, your office, the marketplace.
  • Start making the money you want.
  • Quit working way too hard for too little results.
  • Discover, name and claim your “Uniqueness.”
  • Create a plan to to connect and reach your personal goals and work with more of your ideal clients.
  • Experience 1:1 coaching and a fantastic mix of practical how-to + powerful energy shifts. (Im calling it How-To Meets Woo-Woo!).

Morning coffee and tea and a healthy, yummy lunch is on me. You deserve a little luxury with your breakthroughs, after all! (And you know I’m all about the breakthroughs!) 


How you’ll feel on January 31st!

For a fraction of the cost of one of my VIP days or individual coaching programs, I’ll guide and support you. We’ll look at your physical space, your energy, your commitments and your business to help you clear what’s in your way—so that fantastic experiences, ideal clients, and abundant prosperity can come in to your life.
So, my friend… If you know that you’re ready to move beyond what’s blocking you, allow yourself to be seen and claim your power, brilliance and value in the world, I can’t wait to spend the day with you on January 30th.


2014 was the warm-up. 2015 is your time to shine!

Can’t wait to support you in a few weeks!

TOTAL COST for the day is just $598 with the option to make 2 easy payments of $299.
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