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I thought the word Joy was a boring cliche and was only meant for “Ward and June Cleaver.”

I believed it was for people that were putting on an act. It didn’t feel genuine.

Then, I started studying what it really meant and how it was different from just “fun.”

Let’s talk about the Power of Joy and how it can power up your business and your life.

It seems to me with the current world/US climate right now, Joy is more elusive than ever. I, for one, am in search of more of it.

For me, 2019 = The Year of More Joy.

A while back I realized that Joy comes from your deeper wants. My life had been designed around everyone else’s wants and needs. I had no idea what I really wanted. It was hard for me to access the Joy in my own life, which caused me to block levels of success in my business.

Here is where it gets interesting.

I see this with my clients all of the time. When I ask them what they want, the common response is about other people. As in… “I want to watch my kid play soccer.”

But what about what YOU want? Not what you need, but what you want. You NEED food and water.

Joy comes from getting what you want, not what you need. (This would be a great place to start a list of what YOU want, not just need!)

NEWSFLASH: There are a lot of Wantless people walking around.

Why? Because they have learned to tune out what they really want. It’s conditioning from their families/society/religion to put other peoples’ wants first.

Not only that, when things get tough, one of the first things to go is joy.

It makes me sad when I write this, because that was ME. I unconsciously took that on. After single parenting for 16 years, being and doing it all for others, I honestly had no idea what I really wanted. And, that is now changing. BIG TIME 🙂

It’s taken a while to undo this type of training/conditioning that I unconsciously learned.

So, here goes the first steps to my path to Joy from what I know about it so far:

JOY thrives when you live a valued life. Where you connect behaviors with your values.

My number one value is always freedom. It is very important for me to be able to control my time.

Being of service is very important to me, my work must be connected to this.

Money is a huge part of being able to be in choice and make decisions based on abundance and not fear or lack.

These are all in place with my current lifestyle business! I am on my way to making 2019 the year of JOY!

I start every morning with gratitude and really asking what I WANT and DESIRE my day to look like.

Here are some of the things that bring me joy:

Fall colors from my back yard

Fall colors from my back yard


Pike Place Market


My favorite macchiato!


Happy healthy family!


Travel and learning!

How will you unleash the power of Joy?

I can help you unleash the power of joy in your life and in your business.

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