Share the Power!

This January, I am celebrating 7 YEARS IN BUSINESS!! Whoohoo!!

I love looking back at the 100’s of amazing people that I have had the pleasure of coaching over all of these years.

In honor of this milestone, I have been sharing on social media lots of ways that you can Own Your Power and skyrocket your life and business!

Visibility has been the topic this week. When I started out in business, I was naive enough to think that it was simple.

You were either hiding or you were being seen.

That is NOT true, at all.

There are many layers to visibility and the longer I am in business the more I “see” it.

Here are some of the ways that people “hide”:

  • Not making those sales calls.
  • Doing business hiding behind a computer.
  • Not writing blogs or doing videos to connect with ideal clients.
  • Not networking or sponsoring events.
  • Hiding parts of your life (ugh yea, this one resonated with me)

Just when I thought I had visibility down, I realized that there are still things that I have not been completely visible about in my life.

So, in complete transparency…

There is a very important part of my life that a lot of people know about me, and there are still many that do not. If you have been following me, then you know I was adopted at birth in 1961. Most adoptions back then were closed. It was a system that they eventually realized was flawed.

I love my parents so much and have always felt like if I share about this part of my life that I was not being loyal. That is also just not true. I could feel that hiding this part of my life had a negative domino effect on other parts of my life and resonated through my business. After all, how could I ask my clients to be fully visible if I was hiding a big part of myself?

When there are secrets, there is shame. And shame is never good. Little by little, I have been lifting the veil of shame and secrets that come out of the closed adoption system.

Drumroll please…

20 years ago, I met my birthfather, Bob and four siblings (we have different Moms)! It truly was an Oprah moment when I met Bob in the airport. To say the plane ride out there was nerve wracking would be the greatest understatement ever. It has been an amazing journey of self discovery and I am so grateful to have been able to connect and grow with all of them.

It’s not always perfect (what family is), but… WOW, I am so lucky to have a new group of family that are funny, educated, successful and tons of fun. We really have a LOT to be proud of. Successful reunions like ours are not common, and our relationship continues to grow and expand.

I am sharing a Facebook Live video with you that I did this week where I introduced all of my family members. I do this to honor my commitment to being visible this year. It’s perfectly imperfect just like all of us (excuse my hair flipping and melting makeup)!!

What part of yourself or your life are you still hiding?

How is that showing up in other areas of your life?

I would love to hear about it!