Share the Power!

It sure is easy being successful and chasing our dreams when things are going well. But with the global spread of COVID-19…

 This is not so easy.

We are all adjusting to the new “normal”, at least for now. You are not alone if you are feeling anxiety, fear and grief. I do not know anyone that has not been affected by this. 

Right now, during this unprecedented time, I am wondering:

How you are doing?

I really want to know, please text me (513) 652-7231 or email – tandy@tandypryorcoaching.com.

We are doing the best we can in a world that feels out of control. Between the alarmist neighbor to the non-stop media coverage. 

It is very easy to get caught up in all of the collective fear. 

We want our families, friends and economy to be safe and sound.  Yet we have no idea what each day will bring.  

It is true that you do not have control over the market or the virus or actually very many things in our external life.

Yet, we can only control one thing. 

We can try to control our thinking. Our reactions. And our minds.

We can control how we look at our life, and how we look at the world. 

We can do our best to control how we see the tragedies and hardships that are happening all around us. And we can look for the good things and commit to seeing a brighter tomorrow. Yes, even in the midst of this.

We can get out in Nature, it is the true healer for me, it is always constant.

We can remember to breathe… deeply.

Right now we are making it. 

We can focus on what we do have and know that there is always a gift in every situation. 

My daughter is in lock down in San Francisco, my 92-year-old mother is 2 hours away from me. This is the reality right now and I am also doing my best to stay positive so I can be of the highest service to my friends and clients.

We are all in this together, and we will get through it.

I am grateful to be able to provide my work as I always have, online and on the phone. I am here if you need to talk.

All My Best,