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Do you find yourself feeling like you’re stuck or can’t catch up?

Maybe you’re working and not getting the traction that you want. Maybe you’re burned out and feel your goals are unattainable. Maybe you’re changing and so are the people around you (that can be good and bad).

Here is what I have learned in 7 years of coaching. There are no “outside forces” keeping you stuck. (I can hear some of you roll your eyes BUT what I am saying is true. I promise you..and drum roll please….

You are your only problem and you are your only solution.

It takes a lot to get to that realization. To take full responsibility and to build a plan. If you felt you could’ve changed it on your own – you would have by now.

I know, I was there 7 years ago.

I was selling real estate and while it is a fantastic career for many, it wasn’t my genius. I knew it wasn’t what I was here to do in this world. I was accepting less than and using my kids, their activities, being a single Mom, money fears etc. you name it, I enrolled it to help me stay right where I was.

Uncomfortably comfortable.

I was STUCK.

In one of my last blogs I talked about my first coach asking me the “drop you to your knees” question.

When are you going to quit hiding?

“Who? Me?”

So I did it.

I quit hiding.

I wrapped up all of my training and experience and launched my business! I went out and connected with my ideal clients. I built programs that gave results for my clients.

It wasn’t always easy and I made mistakes. This experience has helped me have great success coaching so many amazing entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

SO what’s my point?

Stop tolerating being stuck. You don’t have to stay in that place.

My clients have:

  • Made 6 and 7 figures.
  • Create 4 hour work weeks.
  • Healed old wounds and patterns.
  • Mastered sales.
  • Create new patterns and routines.
  • Learned to connect and network.
  • Stopped tolerating people, situations and clutter.
  • Cleared out old limiting beliefs.

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I work with people that want to change and grow.

If any of these truths speak to you. 

I would love to schedule a time to talk