Share the Power!


As kids we are in a pure state, naturally connected to our power.

As we go through life, we experience, change and grow every day and every year. With that growth, we lose pieces of ourselves along the way.

We are told how to act, what is right and acceptable and what is “wrong” and “bad”. And we adjust, leaving true parts of who we are along the path.

As a result, we lose parts of us, shut down, lose our power and our voice.

This can show up in different ways…

  • Did you learn that your needs and wants didn’t matter?
  • Was it not safe to speak up about what you knew?
  • Maybe you liked to sing until someone told you that you sounded horrible.
  • Did you like to dance until someone said that you had no rhythm?

I see it with clients all the time. They come to me wanting business and money success. And I can see the cost of the “pieces they left behind”.

I have a client who became a lawyer because her Dad wanted her to, leaving her dream of being a counselor behind… She was tired and burned out. She had no passion in her life or business. When we worked together, she became very clear the cost of living someone else’s dreams and expectations. She learned that her needs, dreams and desires matter and she is really taking clear action to live the life and do the work of HER dreams. 

What pieces of you would you like to embrace again? What will be possible for you in your life when you do?

Because I know that you can.

You (and all of the pieces of you) have always been there, this is about you returning to you and who your true self is.

The younger version of you never leaves, she just gets drowned out by our society and the people around you.

The older I get and the more I coach, I see that reclaiming those lost innocent parts is one of the keys to success and the answer to relieving our pain and unlocking our true desires.

“That younger version of you never leaves, she just gets drowned out by our society and the people around you.” -Tandy

I invite you to reclaim all the pieces of you, let me help you like I’ve helped well over 100 Financial Advisors, Prominent Coaches, Healers and Business Women who are ready to have the freedom lifestyle and make the money they know they are here to make.

You have one life! If something isn’t working for you, why not take action? If not now… when? Let’s get started by scheduling a call with me. https://tandy.kartra.com/calendar/ownyourpower/pL4p

All my best,