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FINALLY Spring has sprung! 

Every Spring my mom says the same saying:

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the birdie is.
They say the birdie’s on the wing.
But that’s absurd. The wing is on the bird.

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Do you and your family have a spring saying that is a tradition? Even a silly one like above?

For many people, this time of year means you will be having family gatherings for Passover and Easter.

This is a great time to prepare for NEW things to come into your life and home and to prepare a space for a successful gathering.

Whether it’s Seder or a big Easter dinner, Feng Shui can help you prepare your space for these celebrations and a fresh start for Spring. 

Some tips for rebooting your home via Feng Shui:

I always begin by creating a space that is clean, clear and clutter free. This is the foundation to bring in all good things to your life and celebrations.

It sounds silly but a great place to start is the front door. It is the “mouth” of chi, meaning it is the entryway for all things good to flow to you. Get rid of leaves, old wreaths, and dead plants. Put a little WD40 on the front door hinges and make sure the front door is clean and has a fresh coat of paint. Also make sure the house numbers are visible!

Move to the back porch next- clean and clear the area, uncover the grill and clean the outdoor furniture.

Next, replace the air filters in your HVAC.

Your windows are the “eyes” of your home, make sure they are clean and clear so you have a fresh view of the world. This is especially important in your home office.

Then make sure to deep clean under couches and places that have been stagnate over winter.

Bring on the Celebrations!

Fresh flowers are always a go to, they represent new growth and rebirth. I love White Lilies, they represent purity, virtue, tranquility and divine energy. I put them on top of a mirror to double the positive energy.

Colored eggs represent creativity, fertility, and birth. Use spring colors, blue for harmony and trust, gold for success, white for clarity, pink for love, green for new beginnings.

It is best if you have a round or oval table for easy flow of conversation. If you don’t have that, use a white table cloth to soften the hard edges.

Create a table theme using the spring colors above and I would recommend avoiding red for this celebration(this includes your attire). Red is all about fire, no spicy arguments at the dinner table!

Rabbits are very auspicious, they represent fertility, abundance in love, prosperous wealth, immortality, and happiness. Display a pair of white rabbits to bring in happiness to your celebration and your home!

It’s best to mix up the seating and not put husbands across from their wives, this can be viewed as a “confrontational” seating arrangement. Who knew?

I love this time of year and I hope that these tips help you create a wonderful celebration for you and your loved ones.

Every week I am hearing from more and more of you.

I LOVE hearing your feedback, keep it up.

Happy Spring!

If you need some help with any of the above, hop on my calendar!