Share the Power!

One of my very first clients was very financially successful AND TIRED.

To her core.


As we started working together I saw WHY she was so tired.

She was running a  business, had 2 great kids and a husband that who didn’t work or contribute.

She brought in the money, drove the kids, took care of the house, paid the bills, cooked and cleaned.

Just like her Mom and Grandma.

She had recreated what she was taught to do.

She was taught to work, give, be, do, care take, shut down her needs and carry on.

She was taught to be an impossible version of success.

When I see this, it really pisses me off.

Before we started working together she had gotten to the point where she didnt want to get out of bed.

She stopped feeling anything and had shut down.

She let everyone else choose…everything.

Even what to have for dinner!

She had become wantless and needless.

It pisses me off to see women give away their power.She’s not the only one.

There are So many women living other peoples lives and expectations.

This is WHY I do what I do.

I am Passionate about helping women OWN THEIR POWER and all
of the amazing things that comes with it.

I know that this will ring true for some of you, or some version of it.

If you are ready to STOP tolerating and operating on Auto Pilot


I know I can help you move out of unconscious and back into YOU.


To Your Power,


PS:  By the way. That client? She turned it around and is no longer tolerating what doesn’t serve her!
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