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I wish I could say that the Thanksgiving holiday was perfect, but it wasn’t.

If you are on Facebook or watch TV, you would think every family was perfect all of the time.


Maybe in your house it is, but in mine it is not.

thanksgiving dinner with family

This past week was chaotic and there were a lot of strong personalities all together to celebrate and kick off the holiday season.

There were also all of the old patterns that continue to show up. No matter how old the kids are, no matter how old the parents are, no matter how old the grandparents are, there are patterns that need to be disrupted.

Patterns that don’t serve anyone. Yet, they’re still there. Running under the surface.

I could be more specific, but that would mean ratting the kids out and they wouldn’t appreciate it that much.

I’ll admit it.

I was challenged… really challenged.

Being immersed in the emotions and dynamic, I’ll admit that I couldn’t access the tools to undo the patterns that were showing up.

When you are in the thick of old patterns and drama, it’s almost impossible to navigate the best way to handle such an overwhelming situation.

It was painful.

But… My coach and mentors were there ready for my call.

I am SO glad that I have them in place to help me navigate the rough terrain.

I was coachable, I implemented boundaries, I listened and I was heard (yes, there were some threats of canceling Christmas) and it worked. My family heard me. I could actually feel the change and lightness happening.

I love my family very deeply, and yes everyone needs a “knot jerked in their tail” every once in a while.

YAY for outside help and boundaries!

How was your holiday? Was it Norman Rockwell perfect? I would love to hear about it!

If I can help in any way, please reach out. I would love to assist you in unwinding old patterns and owning your voice and power!

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