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When a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse, devastating hurricanes, and major wildfires happen all within a couple weeks, we start to realize what matters.

This summer was amazing, in so many ways. And it can only get better!

All those natural events elicited the same response: helping, jumping in, being a part of something together, connecting. And, the thing I really noticed? No one was hesitating to do any of it, when you consider our natural state as humans is hesitation (or at least that’s what I’ve noticed after 5 years of coaching people.)

The eclipse. You couldn’t procrastinate, or wait, or say I’ll catch it next time. It was over in a heartbeat. You had to get out there and see it. The hurricanes, fires, and floods—same thing. You had to act. Help. Evacuate. Reach out. Call your friend in Houston or Florida or Oregon. Suddenly, other things mattered more than all the reasons why you don’t always pick up the phone or reach out to those you love.

It got me thinking a lot about my own life…

Then, this week I had houseguests. Now I’m pretty good at keeping clutter at bay and keeping a clean and (fairly) organized house that makes me feel good. But… HOUSEGUESTS. Staying in my house for several days. Looking out the windows. Glancing under the guest bed. You know what I’m talking about.

So, all those things I actually really needed to do and might not have done in the busyness of life, I did. Yup! No hesitating. Window washing. Yard clean up.

I took action on all the things I was tolerating. And it was fantastic.

I was in this funnel of urgency. I had to get it all done by Wednesday at 5 p.m. when everyone was arriving. That deadline made me get it done. I operated at a such a high level (If only I could be so focused all the time!) and my energy stayed so high when I was done. Those tolerations are major energy drains, by the way.

So, here’s the thing. Their TOLERATIONS are what keep my clients stuck, broke, unhappy, single, etc. And taking action about their tolerations has the greatest potential positive impact on their health, wealth and happiness. I’m serious! (I can’t tell you how productive I’ve been in my tuned-up environment this week.)

My question for you today: What are you tolerating?

  • Your earning level. You’re not earning what you know you could earn.
  • Your not-ideal clients. You don’t have the type of clients you really want to work with.
  • Your lack time management. The days and weeks go by and you don’t get done what you really want to get done.
  • Relationships that don’t work for you. Whether it’ s a team member, family member, friend or spouse. You’re not saying what you know you need to say.
  • An unattractive or dark environment you don’t like or that doesn’t support you.
  • Low energy and feeling blah.

So…. Just what are you tolerating in your world?

Be honest. It’s that thing that if it was gone or different or shifted, EVERYTHING would be different. But it feels overwhelming to even look at it or, even worse, you’re just plain used to it.

You know what I mean. I wasn’t crazy about the overgrown parts of my yard, but I was good at looking beyond them.


  • The mustard color bedroom paint that bugged you at first, but now you don’t really notice it….
  • The fact that you’ve gotten really good at cutting coupons and planning “staycations” because of your low salary…
  • Your daily headache that goes away… eventually.

What would it feel like to make a change in those areas? Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in a beautiful bedroom that inspired you. To make enough to plan a fantastic family vacation this winter. To feel vibrant and great every day.

What if you could awaken that urgency we all felt for a little while this August…

You can.

Let’s blast through these tolerations together and create real change.

This is one of the big things we’ll be looking at my upcoming Fearless Freedom Retreat. This is where I see the big changes happen for my clients. Let’s spend a few days together later this month getting super-clear on what’s blocking you from all that you want and have dreamed of. Life is short. Your dreams are urgent. Let’s make room for your dreams and your power.

Together. https://tandypryorcoaching.com/retreat-invite

P.S. Here’s that link again. I’ve got a couple of  spots still open and would love to see you there!