Share the Power!

WHEW! Last week’s blog article sure pushed some buttons with my readers. And that’s a good thing!

Realizing where the triggers are helps you find relief, new results and insights.

I was thinking about all of the amazing people I have coached over the last 7 years and how their beliefs were negatively affecting their life and work.

I had an amazing client that didn’t speak up for her needs.

She was the “I’m good, I have this” and “don’t worry about me” kid. That carried into adulthood when she created a relationship dynamic where she couldn’t even get an extra $20 for spending money without asking her husband. She had unknowingly handed over all of her power by carrying on the “I have this, I don’t need anything” belief into adulthood. How do you think that affected her ability to ask clients to work with her? We worked together to identify those trigger points in order to initiate change and this is no longer the situation.

Another amazing client made all of the household money, took care of the 3 kids, did all of the housework, cooking, laundry, and paid the bills…you get the picture.

Her husband controlled her and the kids with moodiness and money even though he was unemployed. Her mother taught her to “push through”, to not speak up and take it all on, because that was the way of her people. We worked together to identify these learned patterns and triggers that kept her from owning her power. She revitalized her office after our Feng Shui consult in order to reset her space for success – after all, our space is a reflection of who you are. She ended up tripling her sales and took back her power in her household too – setting up a new dynamic that was more fair and more enjoyable for everyone. She learned to value her needs as well, which is also so important for everyone around her.

I worked with another client who was not speaking up for what he needed at his corporate job or at home.

He was very unhappy. At a young age, he was taught that his voice and needs didn’t matter. It was showing up in EVERY aspect of his life. He began with little steps and applied the coaching around owning his power, his voice and his gifts. As we took slow but very significant steps to start changing the dynamic of his life, he landed a new job, and leveled up his marriage too!

What old beliefs are getting in the way for you?

What you have been taught to believe? What are some beliefs about yourself that DIRECTLY impact your life now that you have decided are true because of the circumstances and events that have happened to you?


Here is what I know to be true…

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Your home and work are interconnected. The magic of transformation happens when you release the old beliefs and patterns and receive new information. This is the key to success in your life and work.

I am REALLY excited to be offering a new service to my clients… and it is ALL about releasing old limiting beliefs!

Keep an eye out here and on my Facebook Business page, it will be coming out this week!