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Over the last 8 years, I’ve worked with a lot of people who appear to have it all together – family, career, business – yet they tell me that something isn’t working. 

Oftentimes they feel stuck like they should be further ahead than they are, with higher-paying clients, more career satisfaction or simply making more money. They know that something is holding them back, but they can’t quite put their finger on what that is.

Not too long ago I was there. I had a good career in real estate where I was earning enough money to support my family, and by all accounts, I should have been feeling pretty damn good. 

Only I wasn’t feeling good. There was a hollowness inside that I didn’t fully understand.

When I think back to those days, I realize that I did have an inkling of what was missing – a little persistent voice in my head that wanted me to go in a very different direction; a direction where I could really help empower and heal people.

The problem was that I was afraid – afraid to embrace that inner truth and change the path I was on.

8 years ago was my tipping point. A coach of mine had a very direct conversation with me. She asked me, “How much longer are you going to keep hiding? Your people are out there waiting for you.”

That’s when I knew that the only way I was ever going to get unstuck and feel satisfied in my career and my life was to embrace that inner truth.

So I quit my job in real estate and began my intuitive coaching business and I’ve never looked back.

What is holding you back in your life? Do you have a little voice in your head you’ve been ignoring?

If you would like some help seeing what is possible for you in your life and in your work, let’s talk. I always leave a few spots open for people who are open to seeing what is possible.

All my best,