Share the Power!

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
– Sir Isaac Newton

As I reflect back over the last 7 years in business, as well as the last 56 years on earth, I am looking at all of the people whose wisdom and investment in me eased my path. They are there, even though I seemed to pick such a difficult path for most of my life. I know that I don’t even know all of them, yet they all deserve my gratitude. Those that invested, sweated, created and paved the path for those coming up.

Thank you to those:

Who loved me and those who didn’t.
Who rejected and those who accepted me.
Who forgave me and those who wouldn’t.
Who held me accountable, and the ones that let me slide.
Who laughed and held me, and those that cast stones.
Who helped me grow and those that watched me pull back.

There have always been people who have looked out for us when we were inexperienced, young, hungry for knowledge, distracted or full of “know it all” youthful ego.

When you look back on your life, whose shoulders are you standing on?

Who were the ones that influenced you the most? Did they have a long standing impact, or was it a brief encounter?

When you look down, who do you see?

A family member?
Parent of friend?
Business Coach?

No one gets there on their own. It’s just the way it works, we are all interconnected.

I have a challenge for you and I would REALLY love to hear your story around my request.

Take a minute and identify WHOSE shoulders you are most grateful for today. Don’t discount what comes up, go with it.


No text or email. Have a conversation. Let them know how much they impacted you and how that helped you in your life or business.

No matter where you are, taking the time to invest in showing your gratitude to those upon whose shoulders you are standing is a fantastic investment of your time and energy.

I would LOVE to hear how it goes when you share that with the giant whose shoulders you are standing on!