Share the Power!

Ready or not the Holiday Season has arrived!!

If you have been following me, you know we talk about powering up spaces, businesses and lives here. 

Powering up your space is what I am talking about today.  The theme that has always been present in my message is that everything in your home or office should be there with intention.  Gift-giving is a great way to bring that intentionality into reality.

Gift-giving and receiving must have just as much intention as everything else we have discussed.

There is nothing that will drag you down more than a pile of “stuff” that you can’t use, don’t want and don’t appreciate. It reminds me of my late mother in law. She was lovely to my kids and VERY generous; the amount that she would give them at Christmas was insane… as in it didn’t all fit in the car. It was overwhelming to have three little kids with multiple grandparents, as well as other family members, all gifting them “stuff”.

How can you create a Holiday and gift-giving framework that serves your highest good? It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and disconnected from the real meaning of why we give gifts. 

It’s important to create space in your life to feel what you really want.


Check-in with you.

Reconnect with your loved ones and the space that you inhabit.

ASK what they would like, what could you give that would ADD to their life?

How can you give gifts that express love and connection? 

Be intentional.

Here are 12 ideas that I have used, or that someone else has used for me, that I like:

  1. Essential oils and diffuser: My fav is Frankincense.
  2. Give the gift of a Therabox which is curated by healers, and geared towards a monthly delivery of self-care and happiness…. check out cratejoy.com for examples of Theraboxes.
  3. Meditation cushion set. 🙂 It all starts with mediation.
  4. Eco-friendly journal 
  5. A Rubber plant, yep. It’s one of the healthiest ways to improve your indoor air quality and it’s easy to grow. It also adds a wood element to your space.
  6. I am absolutely addicted to wellness teas, even though I still love my coffee! I like the local merchant Churchill’s Teas and there is also Republic online.
  7. Harry and David offers a lovely Money Tree. 
  8. Consumable gifts are always great. Chocolate, bourbon and wine to name a few.
  9. Homemade goodies are always a hit too.
  10. Subscriptions to Audible, Netflix, Spotify or Kindle.
  11. Experiences are a great idea too! Movies, hotel stays or spa treatments are wonderful ideas.
  12. Gift your time. Whether it is babysitting, dinner, decluttering… the gift of you is appreciated.

……And a Partridge in a Pear Tree….. I had to say that.

Here’s to embracing the  Holidays with intention and beauty! 

I would love to hear from you. 

Please share anything else that you think is an amazing gift.

All My Best,

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