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Have you ever had a “wake up call”?

It is hard to write about what happened to me and to find the words for what I’m about to share. It is one of the most pivotal things that has ever happened to me.

Before I get there, let me ask you…

What was your “wake up call”?

Are you having one now? 

We all have them at certain times in our lives. 

You know. The kind where something significant occurs that forever changes you and your view of the world. You Wake Up to what is NOT working at all and know that the time is NOW to make a change.

One of my biggest WAKE-UP calls came as a near-death experience during the delivery of my son.

“I can’t breathe.”

I was searching around the room looking for help. I literally was being suffocated by what felt like an invisible pillow. 

I had been in labor at Good Samaritan Hospital for over 2 days awaiting the birth of my son. They had tried to stop the labor since he was 5 weeks early, but it was not working. I had also made the mistake of watching ER that week and it was a scene just like what I was experiencing… and the ending was not good.

My then-husband rushed to the hallway screaming for help because I was turning blue and my son had not yet been delivered. Something was very very wrong. The last thing I remember was a swarm of nurses and doctors storming the room. My son and I were both in very grave danger. I later learned that there was a full abruption of the placenta and the fluid escaped and caused an amniotic embolism in my lung and my son was not able to breathe.

A very experienced rock star nurse began ripping the sheets off of the bed and throwing me back and forth in a makeshift sling (I was told this because I don’t remember.) The embolism broke up and in a matter of minutes, I came to. Enormous gratitude to my nurse and to Dr. Brady for the swift safe delivery of my son. He was in ICU for only 5 days and then home to his loving big sister, Mom and Dad.

This I know for sure.

My son when he was 4-years-old.

I am alive because it wasn’t my time to go and I was lucky enough to have an amazing team of Nurses and Doctors. 

I did not experience the out of body experience like most people that you read about, yet it was a very impactful experience. The nurses told me the same thing happened in that same room 5 years to the date, and the mother and child did not survive. 

It is hard to put into words what the impact has been. 

After this incident, I was not the same.

By all accounts, it was a full-on spiritual awakening. I SAW things and FELT things differently. My intuition was very heightened, I knew things were going to happen before they did. I felt things so deeply it was excruciating at times.

I had a new calling that could not be ignored.

I knew I needed training in order to be in this world in a way that would be of service. I began training in massage therapy, coaching and healing therapies. It was an important first step in the long journey to get to where I am now doing the work I do.

Many things happened between my thirties and my fifties when I began my coaching business. Of course, it wasn’t a straight line getting here!

8 years later, I am here now, still being of service, doing my life’s work. Part of that work is creating programs and offerings that are the highest value and have the deepest impact for my clients. 

What are the wake-up calls that you have experienced?

Even the small ones that nag at you? Let those wake-up calls, no matter how big or small, guide and lead you to the life and work that you are meant to live.

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