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“We will open the book. 

Its pages are blank. 

We are going to put words on them ourselves. 

The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s day.” 

-Edith Lovejoy Pierce 1904

I love this time of year since I let go of “resolutions” and realized I am more interested in how I want to “feel” in the new year. After all FEELING your way into anything is the way to bring in more goodness. Like attracts like! If you feel good then you will attract good.

How do you want to feel this year? What would you like “more of”? What do you want to leave behind?

Most of my clients are looking for a difference in these areas:


*Owning their deepest power

*Inner peace

*Knowing they are enough


*Clear Boundaries

*Career Happiness



*Add Yours here!

With this list of desires and the New Year upon us, I wanted to share with you my top 7 things that you can do to set yourself up for success!

1) Decide and claim what you want this year to be about. How do you want to feel? Write it down and put it in your Wealth Bowl. (Questions about a wealth bowl? Let’s chat!)

2) Be willing to take 100% responsibility for your life, what works and what doesn’t work.  You can’t change what you don’t own.

3) Clear the Clutter. Yes, clearing out the old stagnant “stuff”. Clutter is anything that is unused, unloved, stagnant. When you clear out the old, you create space for something new.

4) Calendar your time. It is one of the most important things for bringing in success.

5) Create the daily ritual of spending 20 minutes on reading, writing and meditating. Yes you do have time 🙂 Rituals have been around for thousands of years for a reason.

6) Get support and new information. It is imperative if you really want new results. A coach, class or therapist. You do not have to stay stuck and in pain. P.S. – Your results are always your guide if what you are doing is working. Want to talk? Schedule a call with me!

7) Live in a state of Gratitude. Being thankful for what you already have is one of the most amazing ways to feel AND bring in more of what you desire. A journal is a great way to start.

Following these suggestions is the BEST way I know to set yourself up for massive success in the New Year. 

Cheers to 2020 and “clear vision”!

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